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We have the answer !
Bicycle maintenance tuition or Cycle Repair and Service tokens available in 25£ units.
35£ is the base price for a bicycle service and35£ is for 2.5 hours of group tuition or one hour of individual tuition.
Payment accepted via bank transfer ( email to bikedoc2@googlemailDOTcom for details ) or paypal to kevin.ablitt@btopenworldDOTcom or cheque to Kevin Ablitt, Bicycle Doctor (postal address is in About panel on this page).
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VISIT for details.

Cycle repairs on your doorstep.
van workshop

I can visit you at home, or at work  to repair or service your bike and can travel up to 20-30 miles from Ipswich. You will be charged from the time I leave Ipswich until the time I return. Payment is required on completion of the work in cash or cheque .

If you have several bikes and/or can join with your neighbours to make up a days work, it can be even more cost effective .

Booking an Appointment

Ring 07887788972  to make an appointment:

(service available between 7:30am and 8:30pm)


Please have the following information ready :- 

  1. Make and model of the cycle. 
  2. List of problems.
  3. If possible some digital photos emailed to
  4. Some technical details e.g. brand/model of bike, gear type, wheel/tyre size or other fittings                                      

Please ring now,  07887788972 to make an appointment.



Video about Amsterdam cycling .

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