How to look after your cycle

How to look after your bike.

After you have locked the bike up whenever you leave it anywhere, and then put it under cover ( eg a shed or the garage ) when you are not using it, the next things to do, to look after your bike, involve getting your hands dirty !


Your cycle will carry on rolling along sweetly for many years if you follow the steps below :-

If you are not sure what something is please look it up on Sheldon Brown''s excellent website which has a very good extensive glossary here-

1. Keep it clean- you can use whatever method you want - hose , brush and bucket, old oily rag, citrus cleaner whatever but do it often, especially in the winter time. If you use water make sure that you don''t spray inside the frame or the bearings, after cleaning, dry it and then relubricate all moving parts (eg brake pivots, gear levers, cables, chain, ).


2.Check cables  and inner wires regularly for fraying and corrosion ( I can supply stainless steel inner wires for all purposes). Don''t forget to look inside the brake levers where the cable nipple sits to check for fraying and especially under the bottom bracket.


3. Take the seat post and the handlebar stem ( unless yours is threadless) out by loosening the clamp bolt or the stem bolt. Then lightly brush some grease on as far as you normally have it inserted into the frame. This will help to stop the seat post or handlebar stem siezing in to the seat tube or the fork steerer column and also help to keep moisture out.


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