Cycling Library

Book titles available to borrow
  • On Your Bicycle - Jim Mc Gurn .
  • The Sturmey Archer Story - Tony Hadland 
  • The Story of the Bicycle - John Woodforde
  • Bicycling Science 2nd Ed - Whitt and Wilson 
  • Bicycle Design - Mike Burrows 
  • The Mountain Bike Book - Rob Van der Plas 
  • Bicycle Technology -Rob Van der Plas 
  • Richard's Bicycle Book - Richard Ballantine  
  • Richard's New Bicycle Book 
  • Richard's Ultimate Bicycle Book - RB and  Richard Grant 
  • Human-Powered Vehicles - Abbott  and Wilson
  • Atomic Zombies Bicycle Builders Bonanza - Brad Graham and Kathy  McGowan 
  • Cycling for Profit  - Jim Gregor
  • Bartleets Bicycle Book 
  • The Penguin Book of the Bicycle - Roderick Watson and Martin Gray 
  • Reconditioning the  Bicycle - the editors of Bicycling magazine 
  • Sunbeam Cycles - Vols.1,2&3 1887-1928 
  • At Your Service -A Look at Carrier Cycles - John Pinkerton 
  • Building Bicycle Wheels - Robert Wright
  • Low Cost Vehicles - Gordon Hathaway 
  • Bicycles and Tricycles - Archibald Sharp 
  • The Complete Bopok of Cycling - Dan Joyce , Carlton Reid and Paul Vincent  
  • The Design of Bicycle Trailers  - Michael Ayre (Intermediate Tech.  Development Group )  
  • Bikes not Fumes - Cyclists'' Touring Club 
  • A Guide to Cycling Injuries, Prevention and Treatment - Domhall MacAuley  
  • Sutherlands Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics 3 rd , 6 th and 7 th editions with supplements
  • Barnetts Manual 3 rd and 5 th editions. 
  • John Forrester - Effective Cycling
  • Richard Ballantine - City Cycling
  • Around Africa on my Bicycle - Riaan Manser
  • Car Sick- Lynn Sloman
  • The CTC Book of Cycle Touring
  • The Rough Guide to Cycling in London
  • Rob Penn - A Place to Cycle
  • Cyclecraft- John Franklin
  • and others
  • Velovision magazine - all issues.

Please note that all these books are available to borrow.

You need to phone or email for availability, phone is preferred (8am to 9pm  daily), you will need to provide a deposit and pay the postage if you live too far  away to collect. Also we ask for a small donation to ReCycle if possible. This charity sets up viable cycle repair and sale businesses in Africa. You can phone them on 01206 382207.                                                                                                         


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