Cycle Ipswich

(formerly Ipswich Cycling Campaign)

Cycle Ipswich believes that cycling is a great commuting choice, a means of getting from A to B quickly and healthily. Cycle Ipswich works with the local CTC, Transition Ipswich and Sustrans groups to promote cycling in and around Ipswich. We talk with Ipswich Borough Council and  Suffolk County Council, being involved at the planning stage of developments which affect cyclists.

Please email or write to 18 Bartholomew Street, Ipswich, IP4 2RP.

Links - to view discussion and to sign up... the more support and input we can get, the better!

If you can write articles or offer any help please contact us;

What is the best or worst cycling provision in or around Ipswich?

Can you act as a cycling buddie and help someone in your work place who wants to start commuting? 

Can you recommend particular routes or short cuts across the town?

We will consult with the Borough on any new cycling provision and canvas members for opinions on proposals. If you are interested in being involved, contact us here or go to the website.



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